30 Rock

’30 Rock’-ette Is Expecting!
Add 30 Rock star, Tina Fey, to the fray of expectant moms!
Tuesday night at a gala for the National Dance Institute in New York, co-star Alec Baldwin, predicted Tina's future -- directing films and writing after 30 Rock ends it run in 2012.
After five seasons, the show is calling it quits wh…
Tina Fey Says Sarah Palin Impersonation Hurt ’30 Rock’ Audience
Sure, it won her an Emmy and made her more famous than ever before, but two and a half years later, did Tina Fey's dead-on impersonation of Sarah Palin hurt her in the long run? According to Fey, you betcha.
Fey writes about her stint playing the former Vice Presidential candidate in her new memoir, …