50 cent

50 Cent to Develop Starz Drama ‘Power’…Or Die Trying
Starz is certainly looking to pick up new dramas, what with the earlier cancellation of 'Boss,' and the upcoming final run of 'Spartacus: War of the Damned,' even 'Magic City' having a somewhat tepid reception. For its latest effort Starz has partnered with rapper and occasional actor 50 Cent for 'P…
50 Cent Will Only Accept Criticism From Eminem
There are a lot of things 50 Cent will do -- including offer you advice, shovel your snow and/or date Chelsea Handler -- but one thing he won't do is accept criticism of his music, unless the person giving it happens to be Eminem.
50 Cent Makes $8.7 Million 29 Cents At A Time
Did you run into 50 Cent when he was filming in GR last month?  Did he give you any financial advice?  Care to share?
50 Cent tweeted about a company, then in one day their shares rose from .10 cents to .39 cents.  Some people bought A LOT of shares and ma…