Never Trust a Boy with an Accent
Is there a certain type of person that shouldn't be trusted?
I've always heard that a guy with an accent isn't to be trusted. Especially because they love the fact that us American girls are like putty in their hands. I learned that to be true this past weekend when I was in Cancun...
The Origin of The Michigan “S”
If you've ever bought a car from Ford's, or groceries from Meijer's, you might be from Michigan—and you might not understand why you keep adding an s. We don't either.
Luckily, Michigan Radio did a little research. We may think this is a Michigan thing, but that's not t…
Top 12 Sexiest Accents!
A region of English-speaking Americans has made the Top 12 Sexiest Accent list.
Facebook recently took a poll to find out what accents you and I are either annoyed by or can't hear enough and believe it or not 'Southern,' like Matthew McConaughey's Texan accent, hit #8.