United Airlines to Start Charging Customers for Overhead Bins [Poll]
Not having to check a bag when traveling has its perks, especially with the convenience of the overhead bin. However, that's all going to change for passengers who fly with United Airlines.
The airline just announced that starting in January, they will start charging people a fee for using the o…
New Airline Rules
Some new airline rules went into effect this week.  Pretty sure you'll be happy with these , especially if you've flown recently and had some bad experiences.
Here are the changes that took effect on January 24th.
1.  All airlines must disclose all taxes and fees in their advertis…
January Is The Month For Vacation Deals
Doesn't the beach sound good right about now?! 
January is a great month for big vacation deals. 
After the holidays, a lot of people take a break from traveling which means airlines, hotel, and others offer some great deals...