Woman Dragged off Delta Flight in Detroit [Video]
It was a sight that was caught on camera Monday morning when a woman was dragged by officers on a flight at the Detroit Airport.
The Delta flight was supposed to head to San Diego before the incident occurred around 8 a.m.. According to the Detroit Metro Airport, the woman ran through security w…
The Worst People on a Plane
With the holidays here, chances are you may be doing some traveling which means having to deal with all the other holiday travelers as well. Have you been to the airport during this time of year? It's insanity!
Travel website, Expedia, just released their annual survey of the worst people o…
Man Mistaken’s Plane Door for Bathroom Door
Did you know that it was impossible to open the door on an airplane because of the pressure? Let's be thankful for that.
Gawker reports that a man who was on a flight from Edinburgh to Amsterdam was arrested after trying to open the plane door...