Vanilla Ice Get Heated And Meltsdown After Missing His Flight
If you remember his freak out on the set of MTV, this will come as NO surprise; but Vanilla Ice freaked out after he missed his flight on Delta Airlines.
Bad news for Vanilla, (think that’s what his friends call him??) the entire meltdown was caught on video and posted to YouTube...
Turtles Shut Down Runway At JFK Airport! [VIDEO]
How many turtles does it take to shut down a runway at a major airport?  150 is the answer!
Earlier this week, flights at Kennedy International Airport in New York were either delayed or re-routed to another runway while a herd of turtles made their annual trek across a runway.
Flying With Small Children This Holiday Season? Here Are Some Tips
Travelling as an adult by yourself is hard enough, but if you add in an infant or toddler, the whole situation changes. From getting strollers checked in, to navigating your children around the airport, to dealing with TSA. Here are some pointers from the experts to make your holiday travel as easy …