Ah-Choo! Allergy Season is Here!
If you are one of the more than 67 million people here in the United States that suffer from allergies, you are miserable here in west Michigan right now. Many people are saying their allergies are worse this year than they have been in the past.
New Research: Don’t Wait To Feed Your Kids Peanuts
Currently, more than 50 million Americans suffer an allergy, according to the CDC. 2% are children with a peanut allergy. For as long as we've known we've been told to wait to feed children peanuts to avoid an allergy but as it turns out its actually the opposite...
I Had Kylie Jenner Lips for a Day (Sort of) [Pictures]
Ever since Kylie Jenner admitted to getting her lips done I feel like there has been a lip craze. Celebrities and even everyday people have gotten lip injections or tried makeup tricks to make their lips bigger and more plump.
While I do admit to being obsessed with Kylie's lip kit I&a…
Grand Rapids Woman Sues Jimmy John’s
A Grand Rapids woman is suing the sub shop, Jimmy John's because of an allergic reaction that she says left her disabled.
Lindsey Bresnahan, whom is allergic to mustard, placed an order with the Jimmy John's on Alpine Ave NW, in Comstock Park, back in June when she ordered th…
Ragweed Is Gonna Hang Around Til Late October!
If you suffer from allergies like me and millions of other Americans -- grab a Kleenex because this season is going to be tough on you! 
I'm so sorry to break the news, but allergists are predicting an extra long ragweed season that could go through the end of October...