Burglar Gets Eaten by Alligator While Hiding from Cops [Video]
Karma is very real.
A 22-year-old man in Florida who was suspected of burglary was killed by an alligator while hiding from cops in a pond.
According to Fox News, the incident occurred last month when Matthew Riggins told his girlfriend he was planning on committing a number of burglari…
Raccoon Rides A What?!
Walking through the Ocala National Forest in northern Florida, a man and his family saw a rare sight. Richard Jones and his family were looking for alligators when they witnessed a raccoon riding an alligator.
Jones said that his son, while trying to take a picture, must have frightened the…
Alligators & Snakes At John Ball Zoo! Want To Go?
I'm thinkin' that you're wondering how I can smile while John Ball Zoo Director, Bert Vescolani is holding a baby alligator -- well, I was a bit of a tomboy when I was a kid and I honestly like reptiles, fish -- you name it!
Of course, I had to ask if it's a good idea for you or I to ever approach an…