This Free App Could Stop Human Trafficking
Do you travel a lot?  Or have a job where you’re going in and out of hotel rooms a lot?  You could be on the front line of helping stop human trafficking without ever having to actually get involved.
There’s’ a new app named TraffickCam and it helps law enforcement in the …
Who Deleted Me?
There's a new app on the market called "Who Deleted Me" and it notifies you when someone unfriended you on Facebook. It's available for free download for iOS and Android users.
I think this app is silly but it makes sense because there is a market for something like this..…
New Smartphone Sex Stats
According to a new survey, your choice of smart phone says a lot about your sex life. polled more than 1,000 singles and found, among other things, that Android users are more likely to hook up on the first date and partake in one night stands. What do think about that, Android users?!
New Local App: Grand Rapids 311
The city of Grand Rapids has joined the smart phone craze... finally.  The city recently released a new iPhone and Android app called Grand Rapids 311.  The app is designed let citizens of Grand Rapids lend a helping hand to city authorities.