This Free App Could Stop Human Trafficking
Do you travel a lot?  Or have a job where you’re going in and out of hotel rooms a lot?  You could be on the front line of helping stop human trafficking without ever having to actually get involved.
There’s’ a new app named TraffickCam and it…
Never Walk Home Alone With This New App [Video]
Walking home by yourself, especially at night, is one of the scariest and possibly most dangerous thing someone (a female) can do. And although it's not advised, sometimes you have no choice but to choose that route. If so, it's best to call someone and let them know where you are and that…
The ArtPrize App – ArtPrize Spotlight 2013
With 1,524 entries at 169 venues, getting around ArtPrize takes a little work.
You need a map, a list of artists, venue hours, and don't forget to register to vote and activate your account.
Get the ArtPrize app and you'll be all set.
Need A Drinking Buddy? There’s An App For That!
Oh, techie people... They'll develop an app for almost anything.
First we heard about the app that will show you what you'd look like with plastic surgery. Then, we heard about the app that would help you confess your sins. Then, of course, there was the app that taught you how to "please a lady…

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