Uber is Adding a Food Delivery Service
Uber has grown exponentially as a company, especially this past year. That's why it's no surprise that the company has announced a food delivery service to its growing model.
UberEats will help those who are hungry rather than those that need a ride...
Apps That Make Trick-or-Treating Safer
These apps are especially helpful for those parents who are letting their kids go trick or treating with their friends this year.
They are even helpful if you're going out with them because there is always a chance something could happen and you could get separated.
New App Lets You Rate People
If you're about to try a business for the first time, like a restaurant or salon or even a doctor, your natural instinct is to go on Yelp to read their reviews. It's become commonplace. But pretty soon businesses won't be the only thing you can rate or review...
Who Deleted Me?
There's a new app on the market called "Who Deleted Me" and it notifies you when someone unfriended you on Facebook. It's available for free download for iOS and Android users.
I think this app is silly but it makes sense because there is a market for something like this..…
Facebook Dumps One Relationship App & Adds Another
About a week ago, Facebook pulled its Breakup Notifier after three million people had already signed-up!  No word on when it will be up and running again.  But, while you wait -- no pun intended -- there is now an app called Waiting Room for those of you who are holding out for that specia…
Mobile Year in Review 2010 [Video]
2010 was the year mobile connected the world. With stunning statistics, facts, and visual cues, this video takes a tour of key consumer and technology mobile trends across an eventful year. Some highlights of the video include:
Christmas Apps for Kids
This holiday season you can find a slew of mobile applications geared to kids and Christmas.
Whether you’re looking for smart ways to entertain youngsters while you’re traveling, or could use some less expensive (yet fun) Christmas presents for children, you should check out the iTunes St…