A Driver Buckled His Beer… Instead of His Children
Click it or ticket. That's the rule when driving. This guy from Australia must of misunderstood that though.
According to Fox News Insider, a 27-year-old man was arrested for buckling his beer instead of his children!
During a traffic patrol on a highway, officers discovered that 10 people were packed…
Lady Antebellum Goes Down Under! [Video]
Have you ever cozied-up to a koala bear?  I hear that they're not so cozy most of the time and are prone to scratching anyone who tries to get too close!
That's the cautious news, but according to sources backstage the 2011 ACM Awards, Hillary Scott of Lady Ant…
Mom Demands Weekly Child Support So Kids Can Eat at McDonald’s
There must be something in the fries at McDonald's for a mother to think she'd win a court case that demanded weekly child support funds to sustain her kids' Golden Arches habit.
The Australian mother demanded $1450 per-week to cover living expenses for herself and two children, includ…
Jesus Appears on Pizza, Quickly Sells on eBay
We all know that swiss cheese is holy, but it's the mozzarella that topped a pizza in Australia's Posh Pizza that has everyone whispering, "Holy Cheesus!"
Pizza maker Maree Phelan said she topped the pizza with cheese as usual, threw it in the oven and discovered the face …
Australian Boy Being Called A Hero
He was terrified of the water and didn't know how to swim, but 13 year old Jordan Rice is being regarded as a hero today.
When he realized that not all of his family could be saved when the flood waters in Australia hit a high point, he begged rescuers to save his younger brother first...