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Suggest A Name For Steve And Brittainy’s Baby Girl!
Steve and his wife, Brittainy, got their 20 week ultrasound yesterday and found out that they will having a BABY GIRL!  They are very excited, but now comes that difficult task of naming their daughter.  That's where you come in!
Steve and Britt were waiting until they figured out whet…
Top Baby Names for 2016 From Spectrum Health
Spectrum Health just released their list of the top baby names for 2016, and the list of popular boys’ names underwent more changes in 2016 than an infant’s diapers.
Seven new names popped up in the top 10―including one with presidential gravitas.
The Strangest New Baby Names of 2014
Olivia, Mia, Jackson, Liam - all top baby names in 2014. While many parents stuck with those trending names last year, a number of others chose a more creative route in naming their newborns - some new names so crazy that "TODAY Parents" chose to publish their top 12 craziest baby …
Spectrum Health Releases List Of Top Baby Names For 2014
What were the most popular baby names in West Michigan in 2014? Well, according to the birth records at Spectrum Health, Olivia and Noah were the most popular for boys and girls respectively.
This year, there are several newcomers to the girl’s list, including Avery, Ella and Nora. Some new boy names…
What Are The Top Baby Names Of 2014
According to, Sophia and Jackson are this year’s top baby names.
What other names made the top 10 lists for boys and girls this year? Here's the full list:
Top Baby Names In Grand Rapids For 2012 Announced
Spectrum Butterworth Hospital was a busy place this year, especially in the maternity ward. According to a release from the hospital 7,162 babies were born there this year, and they've released the most popular names of 2012.
What Are The Most Popular Baby Names?
So this year's list for the most popular baby names was released this week, and Jacob is still the #1 name for a boy for the 13th year in a row. This cannot be more accurate as it is according to the Social Security Administration's annual list of the most popular American baby names, base…
Grand Rapids’ Top Baby Names Of 2011
Spectrum Health, Saint Mary's, and Metro Health have all revealed their lists of most popular baby names of 2011.
Ethel and Mabel failed to crack the top ten once again in 2011, but there are a couple of surprises among the top boys names.
Check out the top names of 2011 and let us kno…

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