Man Mistakes Another Man For Cash Machine
A short sited man in Malaysia had an embarrassing moment recently when he distractedly walked into a bank and mistook a larger man as an ATM and tried to put his card in his belly.  He quickly realized his error but the damage was done and there was a moment of intense awkwardness and…
A Bank Forecloses On The Wrong House [Video]
An bank in Ohio made a huge screw up last week when they foreclosed on the wrong person’s home, jo joke. The bank sent some repo men out to the house to collect the belongings and to change all the locks. What? How does a bank who is always so perfect, get this wrong?
Do You Bank With 5/3rd? A Refund May Be In Your Future
Yup! You read that right. A refund! If you banked with 5/3rd Bank between October of 2004 and July of 2010 and were charged overdraft fees that came from using your debit card, there's a chance that you could recoup some of that money! Details here...