Toying with Diversity: Mattel Brings More Body Options to Barbie
For at least a generation, Barbie has been a controversial figure. Mattel wants to emphasize her independence and her range of careers, but most people who look at her just see a body. Traditionally, a body with huge breasts, a very narrow waist, and feet that can only wear high heels. A body that i…
Barbie [Finally] Got Flat Shoes!
After 56 years of wearing heels, Barbie® finally got new shoes! I hate wearing heels for an evening, I couldn't imagine wearing them for 56 years, all day every day. So it's only time that Barbie kicks off those heels and finally trade the stilettos for some comfy flats...
Barbie is Getting Her Own Live-Action Movie
Not to be outdone by 'Jem and the Holograms,' Barbie will also be getting her own live-action movie -- but of course homegirl has to one-up the competition, so she's getting a franchise because dream homes and matching pink cars aren't cheap, you know.
Barbie And Ken Are Back Together!
And just in time for Valentine's Day! They announced yesterday that they would be getting back together after letting the nation vote.
In fact, they're even slated to make it "Facebook official".
Should Barbie Take Ken Back?
They met in 1961 and formed a decades long courtship. Then, in 2004, Barbie and Ken decided to take some time apart, and Barbie stated dating Australian surfer doll Blaine.
Now Mattel is using the web, Facebook and Twitter to let America decide if Barbie and Ken should get back together...