Should We Get Rid of Daylight Saving Time in Michigan?
This is not the first time this topic has been tossed around or considered. After a failed attempt in trying to end Daylight Saving Time, in 2015, a different Michigan lawmaker is now proposing the same thing.
The bill was introduced by a group of House Representatives on Wednesday hoping to eli…
Bill Introduced to Redesign Michigan’s Flag [Poll]
We could be getting a new state flag in Michigan.
A State Senator introduced a bill, last week, that would create a new flag design done through a contest. The bill states that the contest would run January through July 2018 but a new design won't be chosen until January 2019...
Potential Bill Would Raise Beer Tax Over 200% in Michigan!
If passed, a new bill would raise the beer tax in Michigan by 244%.
The bill was pitched by a West Michigan representative, from Byron Center, earlier this week. Under his plan, the additional money would go towards drug and alcohol programs, courts and substance issues as a whole, including com…
You Can Soon Eat With Your Dogs on Restaurant Patios!
Great news for all of us dog lovers... your dog dining with you could soon be a thing!
The Michigan Senate just passed a bill that would allow you to bring your dogs to restaurants with outdoor patios.
Currently, you aren't allowed to bring animals into a food establishment (unless its a ser…
More Cell, Less Cash?
Christina Aguilera may not have to worry about her cell bill as much as the rest of us, but who doesn't like the sounds of saving a little cash in the new year?
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