Black Friday

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Shopping Hours
Are you heading out to take advantage of the after Thanksgiving deals this week? Some stores will be open on Thanksgiving, while other stores won’t open until early Black Friday morning. Here is your list of hours for Thanksgiving and Black Friday.
Meijer’s Black Friday Deals
The signs of the holidays are here. The weather is cooling, Christmas lights are appearing and Black Friday deals are being announced!
Take a sneak peak at Meijer's Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day deals.
H&M Will Be Closed on Thanksgiving
In an era where so many major retailers are beginning their Black Friday deals well into Thanksgiving, clothing store H&M has decided to keep its doors closed for at least a little while longer.
A Florida Man is Already Camped Out for Black Friday!
Are you one of those brave yet crazy people that go out into the wild during Black Friday? Are you one of those crazier people that camps out for hours or days just to be first in line for the big sale? If you answered yes, you're still not crazier than this guy from Florida...
A Target Employee Gave an Epic Black Friday Speech
A Target employee in Westminster, Maryland named Scott Simms got up on a checkout counter Thanksgiving night, right before the store opened for Black Friday . . . and gave an EPIC speech, like he was psyching his co-workers up for battle.
Scott told a reporter who interviewed him that he's a hug…
Black Friday Primer
As the aromas of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie fill our homes, so too do thoughts of lining up in the dark and standing in the cold to get unbeatable deals on holiday gifts fill our minds.
Black Friday will soon be upon us. If this excites you (as opposed to filling you with dread…

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