Do You Remember How To Text With A Number Pad [Quiz]
It's been almost ten years since the iPhone was announced by Steve Jobs. Long gone are the days when flip phones were all the rage. Back in those days you could only text using the number pad. This Buzzfeed quiz will see if you still remember this vital skill from the 2000s...
Which Addams Family Character Are You? [Quiz]
It's Halloween!  And because it's Halloween, we took an awesome Buzzfeed Quiz that told us which member of the Addams Family we were!  Connie, Curtis and Steve all took the quiz, and here are their results:
Connie: Grandma
You’re the creepy-but-cool grandmother who&rsquo…
Find Out Which Show Member You Are! [Quiz]
You know how much we love quizzes here on Connie and Curtis, so Steve decided to make one for himself!
We do Buzzfeed quizzes almost every day and Steve kept thinking to himself, "I can do that." So he finally got his butt off the couch and made a quiz that will determine which memb…
Parents’ Answers to Hot-Button Questions
Being a parent is a tough job. Everyone can agree with that. But not everyone agrees with certain parenting styles.
BuzzFeed polled over 200,000 parents and asked them all types of controversial questions ranging from spanking to homeschooling and vaccinations...
The Face Behind the Voice of Arnold from “Hey Arnold!”
We just learned that the iconic Nickelodeon TV Show, Hey Arnold! is being revived into a TV-movie and since the buzz the guy who voiced Arnold has gone viral. Why? Because he is a total HOTTIE!
Nope, no football head here. Just a bunch of hair and beard...
What is Your Personality Based on Your Signature? [Quiz]
Another day. Another quiz. This time around Buzzfeed claims they know the type of personality you have based on the way you sign your name.
Of course, they nailed it for me because my result was the "Perfectionist." This is what it had to say:
You are a perfectionist, which…
People Read The First E-Mails They Sent [Video]
Although the e-mail was invented in the late 1970's it wasn't until the 90's-2000's when it made its wave across the globe and everyone had one! You can talk to whomever, wherever in an instant...unless you were waiting for that damn dialup to hurry and connect...
Classiest Star Wars Wedding Ever
In honor of "Star Wars Day" today May 4th, BuzzFeed found the classiest Star Wars wedding we have ever seen!
Warning Star Wars fans this will make all your wedding dreams come true!
Check it out at the tab below:

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