Get Your Caffeine Fix from this Bracelet [Video]
Are you the person who needs caffeine to help you get through the day? It may help but what happens a few hours later when you hit the caffeine crash? You could get more coffee, slam an energy drink and repeat the process. Or you can wear the Joule bracelet...
Can Caffeine Hinder a Woman’s Ability to Get Pregnant?
Drinking Maxwell House may mean women won't see any newbies in their house.
Research out of the University of Nevada suggests women who drink caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea and soda have a tough time getting pregnant.
This doesn't bode well for my six bottles of Diet Coke a day habit…
Got The ‘Coffee Gene?’
I'm all in!  Researchers say there may actually be a gene that causes many of us to crave caffeine!
Of course, I could stop drinking coffee at any time, right?  But, my taste buds and sometimes a throbbing headache tell me otherwise!
I love the smell of coffee and drink it all day and t…