Brawl Ensues Over Nutella Waffles at Costco
Costco is one of the greatest stores. You can literally find anything and everything at Costco... and at bulk! But let's not kid ourselves here, the main reason we go to Costco is for the free samples.
Normal, everyday people turn into vultures when it comes to free samples...
Justin Bieber Attends Prom [Video]
Chatsworth Charter High School in Southern California was lucky enough to the one and only Justin Bieber attend their prom. Why? Because he wanted to.
He was apparently recording music at the same venue the High School rented out for prom...
California Mom Encourages Son in Fight, Gets Arrested [VIDEO]
This past week, a California mom was caught on video encouraging her son to body slam and beat down his opponent in a front-yard brawl.
The video was posted to YouTube and features 33-year-old mother Jennifer Zuniga standing along the sideline coaching her child as two boys take swings at each other.