Calories in Halloween Candy
If you're one who watches what they eat or classify yourself as a "calorie counter" put together a list of the Halloween candy by the number of calories they contain.
By the way, if this is you, its Halloween, calories should NOT matter on this holiday...
You Can Reduce The Calories In Your Food by Half
This is about the time of year that everyone realizes that bathing suit season is fast approaching and they have already broken their New Years resolution to loose weight.
So instead of starving yourself in order to look good in that dreaded bathing suit we found some a simple hack that will help you…
Is Your Pet Kinda Fat??
My vet has advised me a time or two to watch how many treats I give my sweet doggies, Spring & Summer, because too much can cost them their lives!
Click here to get a calorie counter based on your dog or cat's weight!