Check Out These Freaky Camping Stories
It's summer, which means it's camping season here in the Midwest. While camping is mostly a fun activity for families, it can be a disaster waiting to happen. I know someone who woke up floating in a puddle because it had rained so hard the night before...
Top Five State Park Summer Camping Locations In Michigan
I know you're thinking -- 'Jojo, it's way too cold to go camping just yet', and you're right. Unless you're me. I love freezing to death slowly in my cheap tent.
Even if you hate spring camping, now is the time to make those camping reservations if you're to ha…
West Michigan Beach Etiquette Pet Peeves!
I missed you while I was away for a week of vacation along the lovely Lake Michigan shoreline!
My sister and nephew have been in town to celebrate the first week of summer with me and we decided to go camping at P.J. Hoffmaster State Park in Muskegon.
We had such a blast and I personally want to thank…
Michigan Recreation Passport Makes Camping Easier!
Camping is a new tradition in my family -- how about yours?
I remember taking trips to Cedar Point to camp out with cousins for an annual reunion of sorts.  As of last year, part of my family has decided to get a tent and 'rough it' a little more than usual.
2011 Concerts Return To Val-Du-Lakes This Weekend
Before there was Rothbury, There was Val-Du.
In the late 80s and early 90s,  the West Michigan concerts and camping experience was defined by Val-Du-Lakes, where rockers could load up the tent and the cooler and enjoy a night out under the stars with rockers of the era like Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, or Sk…