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Whatever 2-12-15
Sexy Extras:
1.  Chubby hate is NOT OKAY . . . but ORLANDO BLOOM refused to answer the paparazzi when he was asked if he'd date a plus size model.  (Full Story)
2.  Despite an Instagram caption suggesting she's pregnant, CHELSEA HANDLER&n…
What will your fave celebs be doing on V-Day?
Love it or hate it, February 14th is just around the corner. While it's a holiday I tend to ignore, some people do go all out. Ever wonder what the famous folks are doing on Valentine's Day? ABC News has the scoop.
Gaga to Gross $100 Million in ’11
Forbes is predicting the money will come pouring in for Lady Gaga this year. What will cause the winfall? A new album hitting the streets in May, and tour dates galore among other things. Check out the full scoop here.