It’s Cow Appreciation Day and Chick-fil-A Is Celebrating!
Chick-fil-A has changed West Michigan forever since they moved into the mitten state. Traffic backups were a huge problem when the famous cow loving restaurant opened its doors earlier this year.
Now it's time to celebrate with Cow Appreciation Day...
Do You Want Salmonella? No? Than Stop Kissing Chickens, CDC Warns
I didn't know kissing chickens were a thing but apparently it is... and you need to stop now!
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a new study, which spanned over 24 years, found a correlation between the increase of having backyard chickens as pets and salmonella outbreaks..…
Chicken Sold at Target is Being Recalled
Did you recently buy chicken from Target? Throw it away.
According to WTOP, 27 tons of chicken are being recalled after "in-house tampering." The brands affected are Gold'n Plump & Just Bare sold at Target stores. GNP Co., the company of the brands, said that sand …
Crispy KFC with a Side of Photo Printing [Video]
Let's face it: we love to multitask. And now KFC is making it easier, allowing us to indulge in their crispy chicken while simultaneously sharing our photo memories—analog style.
"Bucket Science" they call it, and as they show in this product video, you too could be a millennial sitting aro…
How Long Should You Keep Your Leftovers
There is always the struggle when dealing with leftovers, either you throw them away before they go bad, or have kept them too long.
Huffington Post has heard our cries and has come to the rescue by creating a list answering all of our leftover questions...
Huge Bucket Of KFC Ends Up In Woman’s Yard [Video]
If this ever happened to me I would be excited, but a woman from the small town of Waynesboro, Georgia stumbled across a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken in her yard. Not just any normal size bucket of chicken, but a 7 FOOT TALL bucket of KFC.