Child Support

Michigan Launches Online Child Support Calculator
Michigan residents now have a free online way to calculate child support.
The Detroit Free Press reports that the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Child Support has launched an online calculator.
Gimme Some Money Daddy!
When it comes to divorce and child support payments, celebrities aren't like the rest of us. They can end up paying several thousands of dollars a month, but then again, they make thousands more than us. Here are some of the highest celebrity child support payments that I could find from my good fri…
Deadbeat Dad Has 30 Kids, And Can’t Support Them
As a new father who takes care of his child, I think it is my responsibility to point out "baby daddies" who do not take care of theirs. About a month ago, but I'm just reading up on it now on Huffington Post, some 33-year-old guy in Knoxville named Desmond Hatchett was broug…
Mom Demands Weekly Child Support So Kids Can Eat at McDonald’s
There must be something in the fries at McDonald's for a mother to think she'd win a court case that demanded weekly child support funds to sustain her kids' Golden Arches habit.
The Australian mother demanded $1450 per-week to cover living expenses for herself and two children, includ…