Kid Destroys a $15K Lego Statue [Picture]
It's inevitable. When you have kids they're bound to destroy or ruin something and that's exactly what this 4-year-old boy, in China, did. So bad its gone viral.
According to WGN-TV a $15,000 Lego statue of the fox, from the Disney movie Zootopia, was standing tall at a Chine…
Man’s Retirement Savings is Eaten by Worms
Have you ever heard someone say they don't trust banks? It's usually amongst the older folks who like to do everything with cash and keep it on them.
A 67-year-old man from China didn't trust his bank to hold on to his life savings so he instead buried the money underground, according …
Woman Born With Backwards Feet
This morning we were discussing how if humans were born with backwards feet, we wouldn't know any different. This led to some digging online, and it turns out there actually is someone in the world that was born that way!
People Were Stuck in Traffic for HOURS in China! [Video]
Being stuck in traffic is no fun. Especially when what should be minutes turns into hours. But imagine the worst traffic jam of your life.
That's what people in Beijing, China were experiencing last week after being stuck in a 50-lane traffic jam...

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