The Right Way to Dip Your Chip [Video]
Don't you hate when you're trying to dip your tortilla chip into guacamole or some type of dipping sauce and it breaks? This happened to me the other day and it was very frustrating. The struggle is real. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to dip your chip, or does it...
Doritos Unveils Rainbow-Colored Chips
Doritos® stands behind equality. On Thursday, Doritos unveiled their rainbow-colored chips in support of the It Gets Better Project, an organization that communicates with gay and lesbian youth who have been bullied, encouraging them that things will "get better...
You Broke In To Steal… Chips?
This past Thursday at about 2 A.M in Washington, Pennsylvania, a 21-year-old dude named Benjamin Sickles decided to break in to a Subway. The sandwich place, not the actual underground transportation.
CHiPs Cop Faces Fraud Charges!
Growing up, you either loved Ponch or Jon on CHiPs!
Remember the episode when Ponch helped get charges dropped for a driver who caused an accident after being blinded by the reflection of the sun on a wall mirror that was being delivered during rush hour?  I almost cried when they were able to p…