GVSU and MSU GR Campus Closed Monday + GRPS Update
All campuses of GVSU will be closed Monday, January 6 due to extreme weather. Only essential employees should report. If you are a student or have a student at GVSU, the Fresh Food Company and Kleiner Commons are open Sunday and Monday to serve food...
7 West Michigan-Area Perkins’ Restaurants Close!
I love Perkins!  Especially their wide selection of eggs Benedict breakfast specials AND tasty variety of muffins.  They're all good and it's the kind of place you go to catch-up with a friend over a bottomless cup of joe!
As of this morning, you will have to drive all the way to the Upper Peninsula …
Blizzard Warning – Closures & Warnings
The Michigan State Police are reminding you to NOT drive unless it's an emergency.  Emergency vehicles can not get to you.
As of 4:30 this morning, there are over 800 cancellations and delays.  Call ahead if you are venturing out ANYWHERE today!  Click 'READ MORE&ap…