One-In-Five Americans Are Bad Drivers!
The picture says it all, doesn't it?  There are a ton of bad drivers out there and if the truth were to be known, we've all gone the wrong way on a one-way a time or two!
According to a survey taken by GMAC, twenty-percent of licensed Americans would fail a driving test if they were gi…
Is Cost The Of College Worth It’s Weight In Gold?
The value of gold is at an all time high, and choosing the right college can sometimes cost a pretty penny or small fortune.  So, is getting an undergrad degree worth its weight in gold upon entering the job force??
This isn't a new question for parents and high schoolers who are gearing up for what'…
American Reporter Is Attacked In Egypt
Thank goodness the Coop is okay!
The CNN journalist was kicked to the ground yesterday (Wed) while reporting on the turn of events from amicable protesting in the streets of Cairo, Egypt to violent attacks by Mubarak supporters.
A&E Told ‘The Hoff’ To Get Off Their Station!
After only one night the newest reality TV show on A&E was cancelled.  Yup that's right 'The Hasselhoffs' reality show lasted all but 1 night!  The show aired back to back episodes on December 5th, and will not be back for another episode on the 12th as originally sc…