How to Make a Michigander Mad (Spoiler: You Don’t Want To)
Michiganders for the most part are nice and welcoming people. We have a Midwestern hospitality but we also can get feisty if you piss us off. That's something you want to avoid.
Think of this as a guide as to what not to do/say in front of someone from Michigan...
10 Things Worse Than Winters in Michigan
Recently, Michigan was ranked the #2 state for the worst winters in the U.S.
This should come to no surprise, if you're from Michigan you know how brutal (and weird) our winters can be. Even out-of-towners recognize it. But, Instead of complaining about the cold weather and the snow we should th…
A Cold New Trend: Cryotherapy
Apparently their frigid winter wasn't enough—New Yorkers have now kept the ball rolling by starting a new trend: freezing themselves.
As the New York Post reports, Manhattanites are turning to cryotherapy as a beauty trend. The three minute process involves standing in a tube of air somewhere in the …
How Doctors Avoid Getting Sick
It never fails, this time of the year I become a bit of a psycho when it comes to avoiding germs. I mean who wants to get sick? Especially when we're going into family overdrive around the holidays. So, how do doctors avoid it?
Greater Grand Rapids: Stuck in Polar Mode [Video]
Good morning. Welcome to the artic. You've been officially temporarily moved to a polar region.
Michigan and the Midwest are stuck in a polar vortex, according to the National Weather Service's Grand Rapids Office. Typically, such an arctic blast -- or wintry hurricane -- only hits northeas…

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