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13 Things You Believe Are True, But Aren’t [Video]
Over the years we have been told many different thing like how much water we should consume, that we should wait 30 minutes after eating before we go swimming, we need to drink so many glasses of water each day, etc.
Now how do we know if all of those helpful tips we have gathered over the years are …
Internet Gold: Vol. 6
This round of 'Internet Gold' contains several websites that I use pretty regularly to find websites to feature.  You too can find your own 'Internet Gold'!  Click 'read more' for this edition of 'Internet Gold'.
Internet Gold: Vol. 5
This week I have an entire series of somewhat 'viral videos', a website that will help you find your own Internet Gold, and a fun Facebook app to sum up your year in social networking!  OK, Let's get right into it.