Taco Restaurant Turns Break-In Footage into a Commercial [Video]
This is marketing genius!
Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos, a Las Vegas taco restaurant was the target of a robbery last week and the owners used the footage they captured from the scene and turned it into a hilarious commercial.
The security camera shows three men breaking into…
The Most Depressing Christmas Commercial Ever [Video]
Christmas and the holidays in general is all about family coming together. This is time when advertisers try to get you feeling in holiday spirit and make you feel all warm and fuzzy.
German supermarket chain, EDEKA, wants to remind you to come home for the holidays and they went about…
This Chewing Gum Commercial Will Bring You to Tears [Video]
The idea to a great commercial is to capture your attention and evoke some type of emotion. They can make you laugh, excited or downright bore you. It's not often that a one will bring you to tears but never did you think a chewing gum commercial would do just that...
Best Pizza Commercial EVER! [Video]
I love people and companies who take the time and effort to really promote their product the best they can. The commercial below is a prime example of that, take a look at how you really are supposed to promote a company.
Hoekstra’s Super Bowl Ad Causes Backlash
A commercial portraying a young Asian woman speaking broken English that's being run by U.S. Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra against Michigan incumbent Debbie Stabenow is bringing charges of racial insensitivity.
You may have seen the ad aired last night during the Super Bowl.
The backlash started al…