Man Proposes to His Girlfriend with His Wisdom Tooth
Diamonds are a girls best friend. But not to this woman.
Usually when someone gets engaged, the first thing we want to know is how does the ring look. But needless to say Carlee Alisan Leifkes​' engagement ring is non-traditional. Very non-traditional...
Help The Internet Find This Couple
While on vacation in Paris Jen Bohn was visiting the Eiffel Tower when she witnessed a couple getting engaged.
Jen decided to snap some pictures of the moment between the young couple and wasn't able to get to over to them to let them know so now she is asking the internet for help...
Failed Attempt To Impress A Girl [Video]
It seems that men will do anything to impress a woman they like.
Especially 25 year old Pavel Loginov from Russia who decided to declare his love for a young Russian woman named Olga.
For some reason Pavel decided to scale the side of Olga's building, but when she failed to come to the window to see h…