Woman Born With Backwards Feet
This morning we were discussing how if humans were born with backwards feet, we wouldn't know any different. This led to some digging online, and it turns out there actually is someone in the world that was born that way!
Top 10 Jobs Most Likely to Attract Psychopaths
Our jobs can drive us all a little crazy sometimes. But some people are just crazy to begin with, and it turns out that there are specific types of jobs they are drawn to.
According to Kevin Dutton's book "The Wisdom of Psychopaths," jobs that involve the ability to manipu…
Crazy Snow Wall Descends on Buffalo [Video]
No, this is not a promotional video for "The Day After Tomorrow."
This is an actual time-lapse video of the skyline in Buffalo. The imposing white wall pictured is lake-effect snow, which blew in from Lake Erie and ravaged the city Tuesday and Wednesday.
Ex-Girlfriend Leaves Crazy Voicemails
Have you ever had those calls from your ex telling you how much they miss you? Yeah, we all have. Here is one that is pretty fun, with a funny sound I can only assume is the sound of crying, but I could be wrong.