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Watch a Dad Take Down his Toddler with a Pillow [Video]
We know how toddlers can be. They're feisty. That's why it's called the "terrible twos." But they're also really cute and fun to play with.
In a video, that has now gone viral, you see a toddler trying to attack her dad with a pillow for reasons unknown...
Michigan Boy Goes Viral After Getting A1 Sauce for Christmas [Video]
Most kids for Christmas asked for a new toy, video games or some type of electronic but not Anthony Corbin, a little boy from the metro-Detroit area who was ecstatic for the gift he received... A1 Steak Sauce.
Anthony's father uploaded the video to YouTube and said that his son asked Santa for 3 thin…
4-Year-Old Girl Has a CVS-Themed Birthday Party [Video]
One of the most exciting parts about celebrating your birthday as a little kid is getting to have a themed birthday party. I remember having a "Backstreet Boys" themed birthday one year. Most girls, nowadays, would be ecstatic over having a "Frozen" birthday …
Toddler’s First Experience With Rain [Video]
I know how rainy days can be. Gloomy. Wet. Cold. It totally can ruin any plans you had of spending the day outdoors. Total buzzkill. But the next time you find yourself complaining about the rain just think of 2-year-old Harper.
An adorable video shows Harper and her dad running through the rain and …
Little Girl Sings Rolling In The Deep [VIDEO]
Here at Channel 957 we love videos of cute kids doing cute things.
This one is no exception. Meet Lily, who had a love for Adele, it seems.
While I didn't hear a ton of actual words, she puts so much effort into it that it automatically makes it adorable.
Check it out the video after the jump!

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