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Little Girl Is the Cutest Stand-Up Comedian on YouTube
Calling her act ‘Laughter with Teddie,’ this little girl asks all the right questions. “Why do people sleep in pajamas?,” she asks. In a video just shy of two minutes, this aspiring stand-up comic ponders over things only her audience, presumably her age, would find amusing. …
Little Boy Falls Asleep While Standing Up On Skis [Video]
Learning to ski can be a tiring process. Just ask little Bode, who's featured in this video.
According to the description, "it was a tough day of learning to ski so the poor little guy fell asleep while he was standing up".
Trust me, this video won't disappoint. The real ki…
9-Year-Old Girl’s Inspiring First Ski Jump [Video]
I'm not going to lie, just seeing how high up this little girl was in this video made my stomach turn. I have to say she definitely has a lot more courage than I do!
This awesome video shows her overcoming her fear, and the aftermath of her first ever ski jump! Check it out after the jump.
2-Year-Old Sings Adele In Adorable Fashion [Video]
Two-year-olds know nothing of the sorrow expressed in most of Adele's songs. But, it's still fun to watch them sing them! Little Makena is only two years old, but she loves her some Adele. Here's a video of her singing along to "Someone Like You". It'll melt you…
Excited Baby Sees Bubbles For The First Time [Video]
Remember how much fun bubbles were when you were a kid? Something as simple and bubble solution and a little wand could keep you entertained for hours!
But, chances are, you were never as excited about bubbles and little Lennon is in this video!
Adorable Baby Beatboxing! [Video]
Babies are cute. Baby noises are cute. Baby noises that sound like beatboxing are possibly the cutest thing in the entire world!
Check out this video of baby Jonah laying down some pretty sweet beats (with the help of creative editing)!
Baby Has Ballpit Freakout! [Video]
Let's face it, when you were a kid, one of your favorite things in the world to do was play in the ball pit at McDonald's! Kids these days are no different (though parents are slightly more leery of letting their kids run rampant in the germ pit), though now it's possible to put a ball pit right in …

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