cute kid videos

Adorable Pug Puppies Looking for a Ride Swarm Baby [VIDEO]
Puppies love to play with everything they can get their paws on, including babies. Three adorable pug puppies scramble onto the back of an equally adorable baby and hang on as the infant crawls about the floor. The dogs soon realize that babies don’t make the best vehicles.
Dramatic Baby Throws Brief Crying Fit Over Dog Bark [VIDEO]
Little Katelyn was feeling safe and secure in her bumbo when the family dog let out a loud bark and rocked the tot’s world. While she reacted with a dramatic hand motion and a few seconds of crying she quickly recovers from the shock, and goes back to feeling safe and secure.
Band Of 8-Year-Olds Rock Out “Sweet Child O’ Mine” [VIDEO]
Back in my day, I dabbled in music a bit. And by that, I mean that I played the clarinet in the high school band. When I was 10, I was required to learn how to play one of those stupid little plastic recorders for band class. That was about the extent of my musical abilities. So, I'm totally impress…
8-year-old Breakdancer Wows Crowd [VIDEO]
I don't dance. That's not to say that I can't dance, just that I don't.
But, I can guarantee you that I could never have moves like this 8-year-old little boy! Not only does he have some of the most spectacular breakdancing moves that I've ever seen, he completely schools thi…
An Anatomy Lesson From A Toddler [VIDEO]
Cute kids are cute. Kids, when trying to explain things to adults, are even cuter. And little Bailey here proves that point very well in this video.
You know how kids are. They're constantly asking questions, and usually say whatever it is that's on their mind. They like to tell you about all of the …