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Michigan Boy Goes Viral After Getting A1 Sauce for Christmas [Video]
Most kids for Christmas asked for a new toy, video games or some type of electronic but not Anthony Corbin, a little boy from the metro-Detroit area who was ecstatic for the gift he received... A1 Steak Sauce.
Anthony's father uploaded the video to YouTube and said that his son asked Santa for 3 thin…
4-Year-Old Girl Has a CVS-Themed Birthday Party [Video]
One of the most exciting parts about celebrating your birthday as a little kid is getting to have a themed birthday party. I remember having a "Backstreet Boys" themed birthday one year. Most girls, nowadays, would be ecstatic over having a "Frozen" birthday …
Cute Kids Ask Jim Harbaugh Questions [Video]
University of Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh held a media day press conference yesterday to discuss the upcoming season and out of all the questions that were asked the best ones came from five kids... and some even stumped him!
They were all so cute and you can tell some were sh…
‘Glee’ Mini-Warbler is Back! [VIDEO]
A couple weeks ago, we showed you the youngster who did a dead-on version of "Teenage Dream" as performed by the Warblers on "Glee".
Now he's back in his Warbler costume, doing his best Darren Criss impersonation in "Raise Your Glass".