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Kitten Vs. Air – An Epic Battle [Video]
Kittens do amazingly adorable things all of the time. They play and fight with each other, laser pointers, feathers on the end of a piece of string... But, it turns out that you can keep your adorable kitten entertained simply by blowing air at it. Seriously. Check it out.
This Bunny Plays Basketball Better Than Most People [Video]
Meet Bini the Bunny. Bini's a cute little guy, but he's more than just an adorable wiggly-nosed bunny. He's also a basketball super star. Bini's owner, who goes by the name lighterclips on YouTube, has a lot of videos that feature Bini's cuteness, but only this one showing o…
Couple Brought Together When Their Guide Dogs Fall In Love
Sometimes, animals are able to see things that we humans just can't. That's definitely the case for two seeing-eye dogs in England. Rod and Venice, two guide dogs, met while they were training to be guide dogs, and were seemingly inseparable. Venice's owner, Claire, says that they would pull towards…
Dog Plays Jenga. Sort Of.
You know all of us here are animal lovers.
Me?  I'm more a "dog guy" than a "cat person."
That said, I don't know too many dogs who could do this.  This cute little furry person is balancing what appears to be THIRTY-SIX milk bones on his snout..…
Having A Bad Day? This Video Of A Kitten & A Bunny Should Help
There are few things I love more in this world than videos of animals doing adorable things. It's made even better when it's two animals of different species doing adorable things together. This video has both of those and more! Kitten + bunny = the epitome of adorable. See what I mean aft…
Watch Two Dogs Skype With Each Other [Video]
I consider myself to be relatively tech savvy, but I just figured out how Skype works about a month ago. The dog in this video is obviously far more intelligent than I. See what I mean in the video below.
Adorable Dogs Who Really Love Socks [Video]
I feel like it's pretty much a given that any dog's favorite toy is a) not a toy, and b) not something that they should be playing with in the first place. Take the two huskies in this video, for example. They really really really love playing with socks. And oddly, their owners don't…

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