Dads Give Kids Lie Detector Tests [Video]
In honor of Father's Day this past weekend we found this awesome video of dads giving their children a pretty intense lie detector test.
This brilliant idea was thought up by the people behind the popular YouTube channel Distractify, who did a similar video for Mother's Day...
Awesome Grand Rapids Daddy Daughter Event
Calling all dads, an awesome event is coming back to Grand Rapids for dads with daughters who want to learn how to do their daughters hair. Whether a single dad or a dad who just wants to help out the "Big Braid 3" is the event for you!
It’s The Dad Life [Video]
Came across this video today thanks to a friend on Facebook, and I had to repost it.
Think about your dad, or your husband. Think about how they dress, how they act, and what they do when they're not at work.
I think that this song and video sum it up perfectly. So, in honor of Father's Day,…