IRS Says To Expect Tax Refunds To Be Delayed If You File Early
Bad news if you’re one of the people who file your taxes as soon as you get your W-2, so you can get the refund in the middle of January; the IRS is saying some refunds won’t go out until at least February 15th.
Not helpful if you use that check to pay off Christmas presents; Fox17 talked with IRS Co…
Turtles Shut Down Runway At JFK Airport! [VIDEO]
How many turtles does it take to shut down a runway at a major airport?  150 is the answer!
Earlier this week, flights at Kennedy International Airport in New York were either delayed or re-routed to another runway while a herd of turtles made their annual trek across a runway.
Blizzard Warning – Closures & Warnings
The Michigan State Police are reminding you to NOT drive unless it's an emergency.  Emergency vehicles can not get to you.
As of 4:30 this morning, there are over 800 cancellations and delays.  Call ahead if you are venturing out ANYWHERE today!  Click 'READ MORE&ap…