This Bedtime Snack Can Help With Weight Loss
Wine lovers rejoice, turns out a glass of wine before bed can aid in weight loss!
Linda Monk, a 47-year-old woman lost 6 pounds in three weeks, and she accredits it to a nightly glass of wine. Linda said that it helped suppress her cravings for unhealthy snacks...
A Most Excellent Rant About Health Fads [Video]
How long have you been on a diet? You've wrapped yourself, starved yourself, allowed yourself only meat, you've tracked all your food, at some point you've been on a diet that was comparable to a bout of IBS, you may have even electrocuted yourself!
I'm not saying give up. I'm saying if that sounds f…
Celebrity ‘Baby Food’ Diet
Who would've thought that celebrities are eating baby food to keep their weight down?
I admit that I've gotten a couple of stares at the grocery store when I occasionally pick up a jar or two of either prunes or apricot baby food.  For whatever reason, I have always liked the flavor a…
Lose Weight With Caffeine Lined Pants?!
Drink enough coffee or pop and you’ll pack on the pounds. If you're prone to spilling  caffeine-infused beverages on yourself it could pay off with a slimer waistline!!
At least that’s the claim made by a European clothing company called Lytess, which is marketing pants lin…
Fun Police Claim Whitecaps As Next Victim
Really? Hummus and Veggies?
When 's the last time "Man Vs. Food" showed up at the ballpark to feature that?
In case you missed it, the West Michigan Whitecaps announced their new menu item this year will be "Chicks & Sticks", a serving of hummus with ve…
New Year’s Resolution To Lose Weight? Here’s Some Tips!
New Year's Eve has come and gone and now people are starting in with their New Year's Resolutions. Some people have resolved to exercise more, to eat healthier, or to quit smoking. (I actually resolved to do all three, we'll see how that goes.)
If you resolved to lose some weight this year, here are …