Real Life Models for Your Favorite Disney Characters
The look, movements and personalities of the Disney characters come from many different sources. For some characters, actors and models are brought in to act out scenes from the film. These performances are filmed and given to the animators to study and drawn inspiration from...
‘Let It Go’ – The Mom Version [Video]
Disney's Frozen has been receiving incredible reviews, and since its release, one of the hit songs from the movie "Let It Go" has been covered a ton of times.
Monday, I shared an Ohio traffic reporter's version, in which he advised drivers "just don't go", and today, I've stumbled…
‘Frozen’ Review
Sometimes great artistry comes from coloring inside the lines.
Walt Disney Animation's newest film, 'Frozen,' does precious little to push the boundaries of narrative storytelling. Indeed, it is a quite predictable – might I even suggest formulaic - culmination of elements. While picking over the bon…

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