Woman fights Alligator, Saves Dog
When an alligator attacked her dog, Lori Beiswenger took matters into her own hands.
Beiswenger, manager of a local golf course, was working in a pond on the course when her dog began yelping as it was being dragged into the pond. Beiswenger grabbed the gator by the tail until it released the dog...
Dog Raised By Cats Thinks It’s A Cat Too!
They say kids pick up traits from their parents. Is the same true for animals?
Tally the Husky was abandoned as a puppy and raised by cats in her early years. Though science claims there's no proof Tally thinks like a cat, her owners say that you can definitely see the similarities
To see just how sim…
Meet Lacy – Christine’s Pet of the Week
Another week, another dog! I love dogs and I absolutely ADORED Lacy!
Lacy was this weeks Pet of the Week and she is a 7-year-old Beagle Mix. Because of her age that makes her part of the Silver Paw Society which means she is FREE! Trust me, this girl would be worth any dollar amount but the…
Adorable: Hugging Dogs are Saved from Being Put Down
Love wins, right? In this case, it saved two dogs from a certain doom.
If neither of the two dogs—Kala and Keira—were adopted, they were both going to be put down. This adorable picture, however, saved them.
"Angels Among Us Pet Rescue" on Monday posted the photo to Facebook, and within hour…
Doris – Christine’s Pet of the Week
Today was my first Pet of the Week segment and I was so excited about it because I love animals especially dogs! & My first "Pet of the Week" pet couldn't have been more adorable!
Audrey from the Humane Society of West Michigan brought in 3-month old Doris, a Black Lab …
Hi, I’m Christine!
So the other day Wendy interviewed me and asked me questions that some people from around the staff wanted to know. The video (posted below) is kind of blurry but you get the point. Something I realized after watching this video is I need better eye contact with the camera LOL -- don't be too h…
A Pug’s Day At The Ballpark [Video]
The Los Angeles Dodgers recently held their annual pups at the park event and the Los Angeles Times sent out their pug correspondent  Gizmo T. Pug to get a dogs eye view of the ballpark.
Check out all of the fun that Gizmo was able to have at the ballpark in the video below...

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