What’s Happening To 50 Monroe Downtown Grand Rapids
If you’ve been downtown Grand Rapids recently, you may have noticed construction or possibly demolition on the old Huntington Bank building (now known as just 50 Monroe.)
The building happens to also be the home to Townsquare Media (Channel 95...
Inside the 2016 Grand Rapids’ Pride Festival
A lot of people don’t truly understand why we have pride festivals around the country.  What does it mean? Since we have marriage equality, do we still need Pride? The short answer is yes.
The long answer would go into detail about how society has been taught to shun and shame those who ar…
Grocery Store Proposed for Downtown Grand Rapids
I live pretty close to downtown Grand Rapids. Whenever I'm asked what downtown GR is lacking, I always say the same thing-- a grocery store!
Well, now it looks like one may be on the way. Kind of. From the sound of it, the new store proposed at 38 Commerce will have more options than what's currently…

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