New Whiskey Bar in Grand Rapids is Now Open!
There's now another place in Grand Rapids for you to enjoy a cocktail.
As of 3 p.m. on March 23rd, One Bourbon, opened their doors to customers. Being "Beer City USA" means we have plenty of breweries to choose from but according to the restaurants website:
Beer c…
6 New Starbucks Drinks
To celebrate 20 years since creating the first Frappuccino drink, Starbucks is adding six new Frappuccino drinks to their menu.
Beginning on June 19, you can vote on your favorite drink at Frappuccino.com. From July 3 to July 6, Starbucks will be selling the winning drink for $3 for a grande...
The Best Drinks In Grand Rapids – Our Top Five
Let's toast to Grand Rapids!  It's time to take a moment to celebrate our breweries, restaurants, cider mills, coffee shops, and everywhere else you can get a great drink in Grand Rapids.  After weeks of sampling some fantastic Grand Rapids drinks, we've come up with th…