West Michigan Earthquake Strikes During Pastor’s Nepal Relief Sermon
Where were you around 12:25p.m. Saturday? Did you feel a weird rumbling/ quaking?
I've heard some interesting tales of what people thought it was-- a car accident, odd thunder on an otherwise gorgeous and sunny day, houseguests wrestling in another room (this comes from my little brother who's 24, fo…
5.1 Magnitude Earthquake In Los Angeles Friday Night
An earthquake near LA on Friday night.
Reports of out of California tonight that a series of earthquakes, the strongest at 5.1, struck near Los Angeles at 9:09pm California time (12:09am Saturday in Michigan).
The US Geological Survey says the 5...
Virginia Earthquake Felt In West Michigan!
Everyone in the office is chattering about feeling the earthquake that rattled Virginia this afternoon.
It happened about a half hour ago or just before two and according to WZZM 13 it registered at a 5.9 in Mineral, Virginia.
Click here for the full story...
Buy Your Fav Tunes & Help Japan Rebuild!
Relief efforts from the musical community couldn't have come at a more crucial time as Japan braces for a second tsunami following a 6.5 earthquake that hit the coastline earlier today!
Several of Channel 957's most talented artists have come together to donate their tunes to help raise mon…
Japan Braces For Another Tsunami!
Tsunami alert ... Japan is shaken by another earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale!
If I'm not mistaken, geologists have recorded more than a hundred aftershocks since Japan was rocked by the 8.9 quake earlier this month.
Talk About ‘Survivor!’ [Video]
My heart aches for anyone who suffers -- for any reason.
Sometimes suffering is for our own good, but this survivor is a testament to the will to live so he can tell us about it!
For three days, a Japanese man floated at sea aboard a piece of roofing from his former household  that was …

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