Student Caught Not Paying Attention in Class [Video]
It's been five years since I went to college but I remember how lackluster going to classes could be, especially when you had several in a day. I'm guilty of not paying attention at times whether that involved doodling when I should've been taking notes, mindlessly daydreaming, or even taking the oc…
Singer Experiences Mortifying Moment on Live TV
Ok, this has got to be the most embarrassing thing that could EVER happen to anyone.... well... a female! A Mexican singer was performing live on a morning show when the unthinkable happened and her lady liner fell from underneath her dress onto the floor...
Embarrassing Work Moments
A few days ago I was on the phone interviewing a candidate for a job opening when my chair slid out from underneath me  and I slammed to the floor.  On the way down, the phone slid up my face and my right arm caught the armrest on the chair, leaving nice scrapes and some bruising.