Michigan Funeral Home Puts the WRONG Body in Casket [Video]
This funeral home in Flint had one job and they completely failed.
WNEM says that family members arrived at Swanson Funeral Home in Flint, to pay their respects to Alice Dunn, who passed away last week. But when they arrived they were shocked to find that the woman in the casket was the WRO…
FAIL! Truck Breaks Through A Frozen Lake And Sinks
The warmer weather has been great… for most people.  It wasn’t so great this past weekend for a guy in Wisconsin.
He had an ice fishing shack on Lake Michigan  but decided it was probably a good idea to get it off the ice before it became too dangerous...
Christine’s Cooking Fail [Video]
Do you ever get so excited to try out a new recipe for dinner? I came across a recipe last week that sounded really tasty so I decided to make it for dinner. The end result, though... not so tasty.
It was a one-pot pasta recipe I found on Martha Stewart's website...
Chicago News Station Uses Nazi Symbol in Yom Kippur Segment [Picture]
Yom Kippur is a Jewish holiday which is considered to be the holiest time of year for Jewish people. WGN-TV in Chicago was trying to honor that holiday by dedicating a segment to it, however it resulted in absolute failure.
As the news anchor was talking a graphic was shown by his head, supposed to b…
Failed Attempt To Impress A Girl [Video]
It seems that men will do anything to impress a woman they like.
Especially 25 year old Pavel Loginov from Russia who decided to declare his love for a young Russian woman named Olga.
For some reason Pavel decided to scale the side of Olga's building, but when she failed to come to the window to see h…

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