The Chuck II
Shoe-brand Converse announced the other day that after almost a hundred years they are revamping the famous Chuck Taylor's and calling them "The Converse Chuck II."
The originals were debuted in 1917 and these new ones will hit shelves Tuesday, July 28...
The Facekini: Will It Be Here Soon?
A growing trend in China may be coming to the United States whether you like it or not.
These facekini's are used to protect from harmful UV rays, jellyfish stings, and algae from causing any type of facial damage, though the device is considered horrifying. Wha...
Woman Sent To The Hospital For Weirdest Reason
Warning to lovers of skinny jeans; A 35 year old Australian women was sent to the hospital due to hers.
Her injury occurred while she was helping her friend move. While cleaning out kitchen cabinets she spent hours squatting and when she tried to walk right afterward, she couldn't because her calves …
Fashion Today: Cowboy Boot Sandals
You might not have noticed as the latest fashion trend snuck up on us: the Cowboy Boot Sandals.
All business up top; all vacation on the bottom: the Cowboy-boot sandal is a confidence-boosting combination that satisfies both the cowboys and beach bums of the world alike.
Met Gala Fashion 2015
The Met Gala formally called the Costume Institute Gala is an annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York City and the one time of the year where celebrities are aloud to go all out with their fashion an…
Raincoat For Your Purse Is A Real Thing!
Purse lovers rejoice! No more worrying about your purse being ruined by the rain because we found the most genius item we didn't realize existed. Handbag Raincoats!
Depending on how big your purse is they come in a variety of sizes, and will "protect handbags from inoppor…

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